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Test Your Business English

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Test Your Business English is a practical workbook for all who wish to enhance their word power and gain greater confidence in a range of business-related areas such as purchasing, marketing, negotiations, contracts, contracts, international trade and human resources.

With this book, you can test your knowledge of the language used in business and improve your power of expression. The concept is both simple and effective. It is quick and easy to use and can be slipped in your pocket for use at any time.

Unlike traditional books and guides of this type, the key to each section immediately follows the exercises, so that each section can be worked through quickly IN ANY ORDER without repeatedly turning to the back of the book (and maybe seeing the answers to some sections you have not yet looked at).
Also unique is the careful mix of written language used in the multiple choice exercises and the more conversational language covered in the dialogues in each section. This means that passive learning can easily be converted into active practice, not only in written communications but also in daily conversations, resulting in an ideal blend of knowledge enhancement and speaking practice.

Puzzles and incidental items provide further extension and add a touch of additional wisdom and humour.

Test Your Business English can also be used as a classroom resource for learners at CEFR B2 level.

Test Your Business English

A Practical Workbook

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