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EJALTEFL Volume 6 Number 1                                                             


Volume 6 Number 1

Editor in Chief: Andrzej Cirocki

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The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL (EJALTEFL)
is a refereed academic publication which aims to disseminate information, knowledge and expertise in the broad area of applied linguistics. Strong preference is given to contributions relating to second language acquisition, foreign language pedagogy, teacher training and classroom innovation.

Volume 6 Number 1 includes ten articles presenting the latest research and scholarship from Belgium, Australia, Iran, Jordan, Japan, UK, China, Macau and Thailand and covers important topics in the field, including:

native speakerism in the ELT classroom

learner drawings as connected with writing

willingness to communicate in English and perfectionism

the use of weak forms

validation of the C-test

teacher classroom anxiety

needs analysis in ESP curriculum development

developing a sustainable EGAP course

genre-based remedial suggestions for writing MA TESOL dissertations

blended learning, TESOL teacher preparation and quality assessment

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