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LinguaBooks is committed to quality in English language teaching and to promoting better professional practice through books, publications and electronic media.

The concept extends from materials for day-to-day classroom practice to theoretical studies which impact on the way English is (or should be) taught in the second decade of the twenty-first century. LinguaBooks is also the proud publisher of the European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL, a prestigious refereed academic periodical which presents the latest research and scholarship from around the world and is a major source of insight and reference for educators and language specialists.

In addition to publishing works by established authors, LinguaBooks also welcomes contributions from new writers and innovators, and whilst our main focus is on the teaching of English as a Foreign or Second Language (EFL/ESL), we are also prepared to consider proposals from professionals engaged other areas of language teaching, education and linguistics. Indeed, it is central to our philosophy that we wish to encourage a greater exchange of views and transfer of methodologies between teachers and educators in different countries and working with different target or source languages. These wide-ranging and ambitious goals embedded in a specific area of professional and academic activity are reflected in our mission statement:

‘Promoting excellence in language teaching’

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Featured titles from LinguaBooks

Academic Presenting and Presentations

Academic Presenting and Presentations


The European Journal
of Applied Linguistics and TEFL


Controversies in ELT

What you always wanted to know…

NOW AVAILABLE Shortlisted for
ELTon award 2016

A new university-level course for all students who have to give presentations… online course.

A collection of four original short stories accompanied by innovative and motivating classroom activities…

This prestigious refereed academic publication disseminates information, knowledge and expertise in the broad area of applied linguistics and TEFL...

This book explores the role played by the e-moderator of an online course…

A new paradigm of language and second language acquisition based on forms found in nature

Shortlisted for
ELTon award 2016